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Are Forums Going The Way Of Dinosaurs?

Forums join geographically disconnected people with a common interest.  Before forums came along, if you were crazy about gundogs and you lived in Surrey, the chances were you had never spoken to a group of people that kept working gundogs in the Scottish Highlands.   Forums changed all that.

I have been noticing an increasing number of posts on various forums along the lines of  “are forums dying”  and “is everybody moving to facebook”

I find this an interesting subject as I have run a couple of forums,  one of which I launched in May.  And I am currently reviewing its progress.  I am a member of a number of doggy and country sports forums and whilst many are still recruiting new members, all seem to be showing a decrease in posting.    Forums have also had a profound influence on my life.

Through forums I  got to chat to gundog trainers in countries all over the world. I learnt a huge amount about how different communities hunt wild game and train their dogs.  I made friends in the USA, Australia and Europe, and was inspired to create a non-competitive gundog testing system similar to that used in the states.   I could not have done this without forums.


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