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Benefits Of Hiring A Disability Attorney

12343423If you become ill, or have a serious injury which would keep you from working indefinitely, it can be a very upsetting situation. Not only do you deal with the pain which is preventing you from working each day, you also must also figure out how you are going to support yourself, and your family. When you are deemed disabled, you can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). In order to be eligible for SSDI benefits, there is an application process. It can take several weeks, to several months to get an answer. The best thing that you can do to start receiving benefits as soon as possible, is to be approved the first time around. The best way to do this is to hire a disability lawyer. There are several things that a lawyer can do for you to ensure you are approved quickly.

Case Evaluation
When you become disabled, you can sit down with an attorney, and have your case evaluated. An experienced attorney can let you know if your case is good enough to qualify for benefits. This is also a good time to ask questions.

Forms and Filing
A disability attorney will help you fill out all of the necessary forms for your claim. These can be a bit complicated. Having an attorney will ensure that the forms are filled out correctly the first time, preventing any delay in benefits.
Your disability attorney will also make sure that your forms are filed in a timely process.

Doctor Referrals
In order to be approved for SSDI benefits, you must see a doctor. Often times, you would see a doctor appointed by the Social Security Administration. Your disability attorney will refer you to other doctors for a second opinion, just in case the case goes to a hearing.

Check Your Progress
The SSDI process can be a long one. Waiting to get an answer can be very frustrating. When you hire a disability attorney, they will check the status of your application periodically, and inform you of the progress.

Assistance in Your Hearing
If you were not approved for SSDI benefits, it may go to a hearing. Your disability attorney will be there with you every step of the way. Your attorney will make sure that you are fully prepared. By the time you arrive at your hearing, you will know what topics will be discussed, and what questions will be asked.
Your attorney will question you before a judge, question your witnesses, and cross examine the Social Security Administration’s witnesses. They will also make opening and closing statements.

If you are denied benefits at your hearing, you are allowed to appeal the decision. If this is the case, your attorney will handle the appeal for you.

If you are disabled, and plan to apply for SSDI benefits, the professionals at www.parmelelawfirm.com can help you get approved, quickly.

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