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Mobile HR solutions

Human Resource Software: Where and When you Want It

Changing at light speed, technology is really just keeping up with the expectations of people.  This is especially true globally in small to medium businesses, where employee expectations and demand for human resource software (HRIS/HRMS) and its functionality have resulted in great change and innovation in the tools available. No matter what an employee does, […]

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Are Forums Going The Way Of Dinosaurs?

Forums join geographically disconnected people with a common interest.  Before forums came along, if you were crazy about gundogs and you lived in Surrey, the chances were you had never spoken to a group of people that kept working gundogs in the Scottish Highlands.   Forums changed all that. I have been noticing an increasing number […]

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Twitter Contests

The types of Twitter contests Right now – and this changes quickly – there are four main types of the simple Twitter contest: sign-up forms, follower gathering, retweets, and hashtags. There are certainly others, but these seem to be the most popular at the moment. Sign-up forms are a fairly old-school tactic that encourage people to […]

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