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Choosing A Study Abroad Company

Selecting a study abroad company that fits your study needs can be overwhelming. The process can be time consuming if you are not experienced at traveling or selecting a program that fits your educational requirements. Understanding what you want from an overseas program is crucial.

If you want to study abroad to enhance your university experience but also help you earn education credits, there are numerous programs set up through the US university system. Your own university may offer a program that will offer courses at a university abroad. Assortments of courses abroad are offered for language majors, theater majors, and business majors. Some universities will require that you take language, sociology, and anthropology courses to help you understand their cultures. Universities abroad also offer classes specifically for English speakers to ease them into their life in their country. After morning classes, free time is scheduled for you to explore the local city on your own. Some of the university programs will offer weekend excursions to the many cultural sights available in your host country. Most days you just sit in a classroom with other students just as you would back home in the states.

Several study abroad companies gear some of their programs for the student interested in furthering their studies in language. Through these companies language immersion programs are offered by a foreign university to strengthen language skills. Before being accepted a student needs to write an essay in the foreign language and take a test. Your GPA will also be considered in the acceptance process. Immersion programs offer continual use of the language, enabling you to pick up popular idioms used and the cultural flair of the language and life in your host country.

Many universities today are selecting a professional study abroad travel company that specializes in foreign travel for students. The company’s experience and numerous contacts abroad help with initial organizing of a professor’s curriculum. The professors work with the travel professionals organizing a program that matches their school’s needs. The professor leads the tours and courses of the curriculum for their students. The company arranges the travel, tours and lectures for groups that coincide with the curriculum the professor is creating.

Imagine a Business major touring the major financial arenas of Berlin or a theater major walking on the stage of a London theater production. Select Travel Study, selecttravelstudy.com offers many European programs just like this. Their professionals are available in every city to assist with all the logistics of your program. Working with an experienced travel abroad company offers the ultimate cultural experience for your professors and students.


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