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Cool College Degrees

Every couple of years, the previously presumed most lucrative college degrees keep on changing. This comes about as a result of new developments and technologies that either scrap out some degrees or, introduce an emergence of new ones. As per this year, some of the college degrees that are high in demand both in the colleges and the work places include those related with the latest use of technology. These are the ones which are in one way or the other intertwined with the use of the Internet and computers. The degrees have been speculated to remain highly in demand for the next couple of years since, internet related technologies are here to stay. Examples of these cool college degrees include:

Computer game design: The degree is regarded to be among the coolest for it exposes the students to the various changes in design and further opens new opportunities for them in the work environments. Some of the fields where graduates can work in include in the art, development, architectural, game production, computer graphics, engineering, and programming as well as in human computer interaction among others. Moreover, there are a lot of job opportunities for students who pursue a degree in computer game design. Their salary rates are also very competitive.

Cyber security and information assurance: Students pursuing this degree are exposed to various ways of protecting the computer networks and systems against attack from hackers, viruses, worms, corporate intelligence and terrorist attacks. The students further learn more about different security protocols and forensics as a way of preparing them for a career in the outside world. Graduates can later pursue careers with the national and corporate intelligence departments. They can also become consultants in various intelligence and security firms.

New media: A degree in new media aims at combining the traditional journalism with the digital journalism. One can opt for a degree in entertainment and cinematic arts like writing, directing and film making. A graduate can later on pursue a career in television, film making, social media, advertising, journalism, graphic design, media research as well as programming and animation among others.

Management information system: The degree prepares students to work in IT related fields. Although it is a bit hard for graduates to find a permanent job in a specific corporate industry, they do make quite a handsome sum of money by acting as consultants. This is by helping organizations build, maintain and secure networks for organizations.
These degrees are not just cool to study but also give one a better competitive standing in the job market. They too are very well paying and their salary scale is presumed to increase in the coming years. Though there are several colleges offering these degrees, for more information about cool college degrees, visit www.tarleton.edu/midlothian/.


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