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Cutting Bills Down For School

When people are at school they are there because it is a time to learn, and expand ones knowledge. Depending on whether it is a school for children or adults may make a difference if the classroom or school is too hot or too cold. Students cannot focus and learn if they are sweating in their seat or if they are freezing in their chair. It is important to keep costs low at schools so that one can use that money to better serve the students in different ways but one should make sure that it is not too hot or too cold because then no learning will take place.

Making sure that the school is sealed tight is a great place to start keeping the utility bills low. They sell tools that one can use to see where the air is escaping, or one can just go check all of the windows and doors to make sure that one doesn’t feel any drafts. If one does not believe that the doors or the windows are sealed properly then one can go down to the local hardware store and purchase some weather stripping or caulking to go over the perimeters of the windows and doors.

Weatherproofing the whole building is a good idea to help reduce costs. Sometimes it is not so much about reducing costs but about not creating any new costs by negligence. It is important to have a maintenance list so that one can make sure to stay on top of any problems that one can have with any equipment, because if one never takes care of it then one will have to purchase a new one a lot sooner. Calling an installer to do the air conditioning service Fresno, and to service the furnace is also a good idea to make sure that everything is working effectively. To keep those working at its best it is important that one changes or cleans the filters every couple of months.


Most schools have a lock on the thermostat so that the students can’t adjust it but making sure that the lock is actually in place is a good idea to make sure that no one has been playing with it. If there are certain classrooms that seem to get a lot of sun during the summer one might consider planting shade trees by those windows to keep it cooler and to avoid having the students deal with the solar glare that will be distracting their learning. Overall schools do a pretty good job of trying to keep costs down by working effectively by staying on top of the maintenance around the school, in fact they usually have a person that focus on taking care of the building all day.

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