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Find Your Study Spot

English: Students need sleep in order to study.

When you are on campus, you see people sleeping and studying absolutely everywhere. It can be difficult to find a quiet place where you can get some work done. Follow these rules and you will be much more productive.

Do not study in your dorm or at home. Very little work gets done there. If you do work there, then you should be prepared to not get anything accomplished. There are simply too many variables in that equation. You never know who is home and there are many distractions.

Find a place with an outlet if you are using a computer. The worst feeling in the world is when you sit down to study, pull out your laptop, realize that there is no power left and you are not near an outlet so you have to pack up and move. It is tedious and it can really be exhausting to find another place to study. So start out with an outlet near you.

If you are studying in the library, make sure that you are facing the way of less distraction. A cubicle would be ideal because the walls act as blinders and you are not distracted by the people walking past. If you are at a table, then face either away from the door or away from the really cute person a couple tables down. You do not want to be distracted by continuously looking up. A study room is good too because you can play music and sit somewhere that does not distract you.

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