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Getting A Career At OrangeSoda

Success and excitement await those that want to excite their taste buds when they are looking to find a career at OrangeSoda. Careers at OrangeSoda.com provide you with an environment that is never far from fun, set in a fast paced atmosphere, with competitive wages, outstanding benefits, and a great set of co-workers to partner with. We are a company that has received local and national acclaim, and even though we are sorta fresh and new to the scene, we are dedicated and have proven to be a top contender in promoting thousands of small-business through online marketing.

If you are talented and a hard worker, then OrangeSoda is looking for you to come join the “Soda” and help continue to make our company the most awesome experience ever. There are many careers at OrangeSoda.com to choose from including web development, software architect, client care specialist, and channel sales manager just to name a few.

As a part of our outstanding team, you will use your skills to give our customers a taste of perfection like they have never experienced before. Become a part of our award winning team of internet marketing professionals and while you’re at it, sit down and have a little ‘soda pop’ on the side.

Some of the features you will offer our customers at OrangeSoda are Facebook page creation, PopSite webpage creation (which gives our customer’s a webpage that is clear and stunning with a design that is sure to attract plenty of customers to their business);local online marketing solutions using our successful local marketing tool known as “Blend”, and even custom solutions for our clients.

To be a valuable employee at OrangeSoda, you have to know how to handle our customers with only the best results. We love our clients just like we love our employees and feel that customer satisfaction is always top priority. OrangeSoda is truly a company with a fizz and enough drink to go around for those that can handle its fizz.

As mentioned earlier, when your are an employed with OrangeSoda, you will be behind our outstanding marketing service known as Blend. This is our customized mix of local marketing strategies that will help businesses find their customers. With this, we provide our own clients with the best options for promoting their small-business through mobile-development, social networking development, SEO development, and status reporting of their websites.

At Orange Soda, we are an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer that thrives in a drug-free environment. When we offer you a job at the “Soda”, we want you to have the best experience in a professional manner. Chosen applicants will be a part of our team after successfully completing a background check and drug screening.

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