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Great Bachelors Programs

With many people in different field being laid off a person wants to make sure they will have a return on their investment of education. Before entering a program a person has to check out the job outlook to make sure they will have employed after completing a bachelors degree program. There are some great bachelors degrees that will keep a person working and making a good living.
For a person interested in job with a high growth rate biomedical engineering is a bachelor program to look into. By the year 2018 it is expected there will be more then 11,000 new jobs in this field. This type of engineer is responsible for design new health care products. Some of the most popular designs include new medical instruments, and possibly organ. A person has to do well in courses such as chemistry, physicals, and technology. This job paid a medium salary of $81,000 a year making it a degree program that is worth looking into.
Another bachelors degree that is expected to have a growth rate over 50% is network systems and data communications analyst. A person working in this field will design and test computer networking systems. The average salary for this field is $74,000 right of out college. A person think about going into this major should have some knowledge or programming, and statistics.
For those that like working with people they should look into a bachelors program to become an athletic trainer. This field is expected to see a 40% growth rate by the year 2018. A person in this field can work for a sports team, hospital, or other health care provider. They can also go into a private business and work one on one with a professional sports player. The average salary is around $40,000 a year. There are over 350 colleges in the United States that offer a bachelors degree program in this field.
Accounting is also a great bachelors degree program to get into. There is two things that are certain in life that certain death and taxes. An accountant can work for major companies or as financial analysts. They can also go into business for themselves and help people and small business keep up with their taxes.
Colleges are making is easier for a person to earn their bachelors degree like Utah State Online Bachelors Degree Programs. Many colleges offer these programs at accelerated rates and offer courses to go around the schedule of working adults. Many colleges also offer some or all of the program requires on the internet. With the job market more competitive a person needs to further their education. By entering in these field a person can make a lot of money and enjoy a high employment rate.

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