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Great Ways to do Research

Every creative project needs to start with a thorough research process. We’re all tempted to cut corners in this era where we’re able to produce a video in a manner of seconds and post it to locations where millions of people can view it. In the past, the amount of time it took to produce a video on an amateur level was tremendously long. Our video camera and telephone technology has progressed at such a rapid pace in the past five years, let alone the last 20 years. In the 1980s, we dealt with enormous, cumbersome video cameras with batteries so large that they were reminiscent of the towers attached to modern desktop computers. Now, our video cameras fit in the palm of our hands and have built-in batteries. With all of this technology, we take the creative process for granted. We think that we should come up with our ideas as rapidly as we can create the videos themselves. In this day and age, we need to slow down how fast we create our videos, even if the technology allows us to slam out several videos in the course of a day. Sometimes you will strike lightning and come up with an idea that catches fire as soon as it reaches the masses and you can use html email to help spread the word. You shouldn’t depend on this possibility though. At some point, your audience will realize that you aren’t willing to put in the work to come up with something worth watching. They will divert their attention to other people who are more willing to devote time to their work.

If you’re in a business where creativity is a part of your daily routine, you should have someone who’s devoted to the task of research. As an individual, you’re limited in your ability to do research due to time constraints and deadline. The main reason why people cut corners to finish a production sometimes is deadlines. When you have someone who does all of your research for you, you’re able to devote more time into putting the facts that your researcher found to work. Your research process has to end when you realize that you’re able to put out something that’s accurate and factual. The last thing you would want to do is spend too much time researching your project and not enough time putting it together. The same goes for admitting that your project is done a ready to go out the door. Too many people are perfectionists and never admit that their project is done. They poke holes in it and refuse to stop working on it. The finished product ends up not being as fluid as what they would have been able to come up with had they stepped away from their project and realized that it was done. No matter how much work you want to put into a project. It needs to be done at some point. You have to have the courage to let go and allow your project to be digested for what it’s destined to be.

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