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How to Balance Home and School Life as Parent

Finding balance is crucial for working moms who want to go back to school. Juggling a hectic schedule is hard enough without adding research papers and exams to the mix. Deciding whether to pursue traditional campus classes or an online school will come down to each mom’s individual schedule and needs. Many moms find that studying in a group is the most effective way to learn difficult material. A supportive family is the best asset for student moms.

Online Schools

Moms that are considering online options for school should make sure they have a distraction-free environment for classes. Some moms may even take their laptops to a local coffee shop or bookstore to catch up on studying. Online classes are ultimately the most flexible option for busy moms. Some moms may still be working, driving kids to soccer practice and feeding the whole family every night.

Traditional College Campuses

Traditional college campuses may not be as flexible as online schools. There are advantages to both options. Traditional campuses offer a more social atmosphere. This gives moms the chance to get out of the house. Unfortunately, classes requiring mandatory attendance will not care if a mom has to stay home to take care of a sick child.

Maintaining a Balance

Maintaining a balance is the most important part of going back to school. It does not matter which educational path is taken, moms need to make studying a large priority. Going back to school should be discussed with the whole family. It is important for a spouse to understand that student moms need a little more support. Taking on more responsibilities will be important for every member of the family. Sometimes, studying will have to come first. A supportive spouse can make the difference between a stressed out, all-night, study session or a productive, pre-exam, learning environment. Disruptive kids should not get in the way of study time.

Studying in Groups

Study sessions are a great way to get the most out of a difficult class. Being a student and a mom can sometimes be isolating. Talking to other students is perfect for moms who are just getting back into school. Student moms may even form their very own study groups. Even virtual classes can be conducive to group learning. Students can create Facebook pages for sharing notes and information. There are endless group studying options for dedicated student moms. Going back to school is a fantastic idea for any mom.

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