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Human Resource Software: Where and When you Want It

Changing at light speed, technology is really just keeping up with the expectations of people.  This is especially true globally in small to medium businesses, where employee expectations and demand for human resource software (HRIS/HRMS) and its functionality have resulted in great change and innovation in the tools available.

No matter what an employee does, or where they work – travelling, on location, or telecommuting – there is a need to always be connected to enhance productivity, visibility and even employee satisfaction.  Real benefits also exist via these tools to control labor expenses, improve worker productivity, minimize compliance and legal risks, and more.  The human resources software also makes it much easier for both employees and managers to complete a wide range of HR processes and tasks.

Employee self-service and manager self-service (ESS and MSS) are an example of workforce demand that is impacting technology innovation.  Paytech magazine completed a survey where approximately 70% of respondents said they would be more productive with employee and manager self service.  The high volume of tasks occurring between managers and employees have now been created paperless, streamlined, automated, and accurate.  A few examples would include performance reviews and time off requests.

Small and medium businesses are rapidly recognizing the need to deliver functionality and benefits to managers that free up their time and contribute greatly to employee productivity.  Approving a time off request or exception from a mobile phone app, an ipad, or a personal computer at home provides no just convenience, but efficiency and time-savings.

Data analytics around these HR processes also give additional insights to managers and executives regarding employee behaviors and trends.  This data provides strategic direction to end movement towards the wrong goals, or optimize the actions leading to increased revenue.

As technology continues to increase at the speed of light, HR software and its benefits are no longer just a ‘nice to have’, but it is a must have.  Needle-moving benefits to managers and employees are immediate and impactful, and daily become even more affordable.  HR managers and leaders need to recognize what is really important in managing their businesses, and rise above the status quo of paper and inefficiency.  Explore HR software (HRIS/HRMS) today and learn quickly with a simple search engine query that you can find it where, and when you want it.

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