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Looking to Become an Attorney? Here Are Four Great Pre-Law Degrees

It’s important to realize that unlike students interested in becoming doctors or engineers, there are no prerequisite courses for law. Each year law schools accept a wide range of students from varying backgrounds, including the humanities, science, and business. Interestingly, students with a Bachelor’s degree in prelaw are less likely to be admitted to law schools in the USA: in 2001 students with a degree in prelaw were admitted to schools at a rate of 61 percent, whereas students with a philosophy degree were admitted to schools at a rate of 82 percent. While there aren’t necessarily courses you have to take to get into law school, there are degrees that can prepare you to think in law school.

English Language Or English Literature

Undergraduate degrees in either English Language or English Literature are both thought to be able to prepare candidates for a law degree. Four years studying English means that students will acquire superior writing, reading and research skills. Not only will these students be able to analyze texts and communicate well, they will also be able to power through the heavy reading material throughout the three-year law degree.

Consider a Bachelor’s Degree In Philosophy

While many are unsure what an undergraduate degree in philosophy can offer, Lawyer Guide explains that philosophy is actually an incredibly useful degree for those interested in becoming lawyers. Philosophy requires students to constantly think logically, critically, and creatively. In addition to acquiring these critical thinking skills, a four-year philosophy degree will hone a student’s writing and communication skills.

Political Science Will Get You Thinking

In 2001 in the USA, political science was the degree that most of the successful law school applicants held. This is probably because political science combines a unique combination of useful skills that help students pass the LSAT with flying colors. Like an English or philosophy degree, political science also requires that students spend four years refining their writing, research and communication skills. In addition to this though, students will be well read on topics such as world history, law, economics and government. These students have already been debating topics that come up in law school.

Psychology Is Another Great Option

Psychology is another great pre-law degree. While students with this degree won’t spend as much time perfecting their writing, they will have a unique perspective on human behavior. In addition to psychology, sociology can also be a good choice as it provides students with an insight on society.

Prelaw isn’t necessary for students interested in pursuing a law degree. At the end of the day, a high Grade Point Average (GPA), a high LSAT score, and strong letters of recommendation from professors that know you well will get you into law school. All of these degrees will prepare you for the LSAT and will prepare you for law school, as they train you to think logically, analytically, and creatively. Unlike medical or engineering students, there are no undergraduate courses that you must take to get accepted into law school, but these four degrees will provide you with valuable skills for the next step in your life.

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