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Should I get my MBA

If you have any ambitions of running a company, you are definitely going to want to get your mba Also, if you plan to climb any corporate ladders, you will benefit greatly by having your mba.

If you were the CEO of a large company and you are needing to fill a place on your board of directors. You have interviewed countless applicants and have finally narrowed your search to two applicants that are both outstanding choices. Both have great recommendations as well as the perfect experience to make them a perfect fit. However, one has an mba, while the other does not. This doesn’t make the second a bad candidate, but since that seems to be the only difference between them, who are you going to chose? The one with the extra degree of course. You never know when that may come in handy to help him handle some situation just right, where the other may fumble a major deal because of never having to deal with the issue or even hear about it. If you are the person without the degree, and this was the biggest and most amazing job you really wanted, you will be wishing you had just taken a little more time to get that degree.

If you are worried about that extra time you will have to devote to school, don’t be. There are programs offered that rank in the top business schools in the world that you can finish your mba in as little as 11 months. A school with the best mba in Colorado has that option and many others as you complete the program that best suits your needs and career goals. Because although you are putting most things on hold for a year, can you get where you want in a business so much easier because you are far more qualified.

When looking for business type jobs, in order to surpass the entry level of that business, they expect you to have an mba degree. Some businesses will help you to pay for that extra school, which is really helpful, although they will expect you to stay with their company for a certain amount of time once you are done. As long as you know what your commitments are and the expectations of the company, this is an awesome way to get your mba.That way they are helping you to get ahead in your career and you will in turn use those newly acquired skills to better their business.

If you are honestly considering an mba, the answer is easy, of course you should get it. Once you consider your options with the degree and without it, it makes perfect sense that you should definitely get it!

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