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Starting A PPC Campaign

With a definite goal determined, whether it is to increase your number of subscribers, sales, or brand awareness, starting an effective PPC campaign can help you stand out and accomplish your aims. Pay-per-Click is a cost effective model for driving traffic to websites, and if done correctly will raise the return on investment. Clicks are a way to appraise attention and interest. Here are some tips for making an effective pay-per-click campaign.

First, you really want to have adequate knowledge of both your product and your market. You should know your product to the point that you’re able to sell it using a minimal amount of words. Be able to identify its most unique selling points and focus on these. The unique selling point (or USP) is a marketing concept that has been around for generations and is very much relevant now in the world of internet marketing. Knowing your market is also key, therefore, consider what kind of product you have and who holds the buying power in its market. For example, you may have a product that would be considered a choice gift for a woman. In those terms, in your marketing you may want to target men, because a man is likely to be the one to buy the gift for the woman. You want to be discriminate in your efforts, because the description of your product or service is significant as far as a person’s search or decision.

Secondly, you must be concise and timely. Restrictions on text for a PPC can present more of a challenge than one may imagine at first. You can practice by using a platform such as twitter, where there is a character limit per tweet, and you can try fitting all necessary information within the character restriction. Another possible method is creating and sending an SMS that describes the product, service, or offer that is the basis of the PPC campaign. You want to be able to know what is and isn’t necessary to include in a PPC ad. A key strategic move is to subtly impose some kind of a time limit on your ad, making the potential customer feel that they have to make a purchase now.

Finally, review and revise your campaign. You ultimately want to increase your return on investment, so find which ads and offers performed best and tweak the campaign based on this success. As you see a rise in revenues, consider whether there is further room for you to penetrate the market, and if so, reinvest some of those revenues into further increasing your presence. The right ad text and a steady growth in monthly budget can bring about exponential returns on investment.

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