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Why Pay More to Cool and Heat Your School?

Whether it is a small preschool or a large high school, you shouldn’t have to pay a lot to keep it at a comfortable temperature. Keeping the temperature of a school should be priority for the health of not only the students, but also the faculty and other workers that spend their day on the premises. Heating may not be as big of a concern if you live in Texas, but cooling may be one of the biggest concerns. Either way it will be imperative to take some measures to decrease the utilities of a school.

The first thing the principle or maintenance workers should do is to assess the current state of the air conditioning units. A person doesn’t have to be a professional to see that there is debris or clutter around the unit. Clearing the area can help prevent future problems with the air conditioning unit. They should already be located in a safe area away from the children, but that may make it difficult to reach. That is when an air conditioning Austin repairman should come to visit.

Once a professionally licensed and insured technician comes in, he can give a more thorough examination of the unit. Just looking on the outside of the units is helpful, but not nearly as detailed as it should be. The interior will tell the technician what possibilities there are of improving the efficiency of the unit. The technician can locate the various parts that tend to slow with age or slow with resistance from build up of particles. He can clean the unit and spruce it up to increase the efficiency. There are some instances that a unit may be beyond repair. Often units that are old cannot be fixed. Then it is the perfect time to consider an energy efficient air conditioning unit. Models over 10 years old simply do not have the same technology that the new and improved ones have. They have a much greater capability to produce comfortable temperatures using a fraction of the energy that an old model does.

Another great way to improve the heating and cooling of the school is by using shading or awnings. This very natural way of reducing or increasing temperatures is a simple task that teachers can be involved in. It is well known that direct sunlight is going to increase the temperature of the area, so if the need is to cool the room, begin early in the day by shading the classroom. Don’t wait to drape the windows when it is already hot. Prevention is key.

By using theses simple guidelines, a school can improve the efficiency of heating and cooling the classrooms. Involve the administration, teachers, and maintenance staff.

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